I, Girl X 

a novel in verse

Carleigh is a 14 year-old girl trying to carve her own place in this world. Her younger brother's mental illness is slowly invading every aspect of her life. 

Her family is troubled. Friendships are unbearable. And just when calm begins to seem possible, one night will change Carleigh, and her family, forever.


As I Disappear

a free-verse book

for two voices

Annalise Grey uses free-verse poetry for two voices in this semi-autobiographical account of eating disorders and the inner turmoil which walks hand-in-hand with self-abuse. 

Annalise's battle with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder coupled with Bulimia began in childhood. Like the moon, both wax and wane in intensity yet never fully disappear. With brutal honesty and stark imagery, she weaves a tale of struggling with who you are and who you should be.


Along the wayward path

Along the Wayward Path is a compilation of two collections of poetry - Ramblings of a Tired Mind: Poems and Along the Wayward Path - as well as several new, previously unpublished poems about the paths we take in life.


I am America:

an anthology


America is a sprawling sea of varied cultures and experiences. From the desperation of small-town poverty to the frenetic pace of urban centers, nothing is ever simple - or easy. We live, we lose, and we fight for a better tomorrow. Join Annalise Grey on a poetic journey through the heart of this great country and find out what makes our lives so suprisingly bittersweet - and what makes us uniquely American.